My first delay, believe it or not. Madbean Dirtbag Deluxe, a copy of the old EHX Memory Man Deluxe. This one used Coolaudio v3205d chips running at 9V, and noisy things they were indeed. Past about noon on the Level knob, the delays become horribly noisy.

Madbean Dub Dweller (two-chip version of his single-chip Cave Dweller.) This can get very gritty in a hurry, and does runaway repeats well. The PCB isn't actually held down by anything, so the tape is to stop it shorting on the case or jacks. This build was from my very early pedalbuilding days.

The 1776 Multiplex Delay -- this one models old tape delay units (like the Space Echo, Echoplex, and the Echorec) using two PT2399 chips and some very clever filtering. It even has a stomp to slow the "tape" down! Very, very nice sounding delay.

Madbean Cave Dweller -- the single chip version of the Dub Dweller. I built this one after I had a bit more confidence, hence the 1590A construction. Like the Dub Dweller, it has a very gritty sound.

Madbean Zero Point Deluxe. I buggered up the rotary switch that was SUPPOSED to be where the Mode toggle is, and decided to just include the two active-filter options.

Another Dirtbag Deluxe, this time built for 15V operation! (That's what the daughterboard is for.) I also included TheToneGod's momentary stomp circuit... I'm not sold on it. The delay used MN3008 chips, at first (half the delay time of MN3005 chips), but I swapped some XVIVE3005 repro chips into it later. The sound quality, with both chip types, is AMAZING, compared to the CoolAudio chips in the earlier Dirtbag. The level control is actually usable all the way to max!

Another Dub Dweller, this time in a 1590A like madbean intended. The icecream shim is to stop the PCB shorting on the enclosure.

The Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay, in a 1590A. I saw someone post a build they'd done of a DBD in a 1590A -- but using SMD. I decided to prove I was moar insane.