The venerable Dallas Rangemaster clone. Does the treble boost thing, very nicely. I added a DC jack, and a MAX1044 chip later on, to run this -9V circuit from a standard +9V psu.

Chunkchunk, AKA the Dr Boogie circuit. This one uses a bunch of J201 fets to emulate the valve preamp of a Mesa Boogie amp. (The metal kind.) Very gainy.

LaVache, copy of a Les Lius. Very low gain, I like the sound of this one. It uses a 2N3565, and sounds rather Fender Tweedy.

Another boost, this time a bit more full range, and in a 1590A. I wound up changing this for a Grind boost pcb, and changing the labelling.

Kingslayer, Madbean copy of the Klon Centaur, with a few tweaks. Went together fairly well, sounds pretty good to me.

RunOffGroove 22/7, a CMOS approximation of a Big Muff Pi. Sounds pretty good, and I'm told works well with bass.

I wound up putting the original boost pcb from the 1590A into this, plus a 1776 Moonlander. Decent enough, I just didn't get that into this one.

This one, on the other hand, sounds amazing. Copy of a Skreddy Questionable Lady, a very gainy Muff. Really, really good sounding pedal.

Madbean Runt, copy of a Rat. A very angry, gainy one, too. First pedal a mate of mine tried, and was happy to leave the gain backed off a bit.

Madbean Hipster -- a simple silicon fuzzface, I think. I auditioned a few transistors in this one, for a change. Simple, nice sounding fuzz.

JMK Copy of the old Ibanez Standard Fuzz, I think. I soldered the pots in backwards, by mistake. This is a very snarly fuzz that does NOT tolerate bad playing. Nowhere near as polite as a Fuzzface.

RunOffGroove English Channel -- copy of the AC30, using the ROG fet-valve. (AC Cars made the AC Cobra, while working with Carrol Shelby.) I had to patch a few stuff-ups on the board I laid out. VERY, VERY gainy for a AC30, I must say.

Copy of the old Companion Fuzz. I wasn't keen enough to spring for mojo parts, though. VERY unique -- like the Standard Fuzz, it has it's own thing going on, and will not tolerate sloppy licks.

Stripped down 1590A copy of the LaVache. The boost is permanently on, and the clipping is hardwired. I had a spare 2N3565 lying around, seemed a shame not to use it.

Copy of the Lovetone Cheese Source. (Terry Pratchett had a cheese called Horace, in one of his Tiffany Aching books.) The two sides (fuzz and overdrive) compliment each other quite well, and do the usual Lovetone thing where they cover a lot of ground.

Meant to phatten the sound up. Maybe I'm not picky enough, but it didn't seem to make a hyooge amount of difference to me.

Copy of Skreddy's P-19, which is a Big Muff voiced after David Gilmour in Comfortably Numb. Very nice sounding muff. I'm not sure Skreddy CAN make a bad sounding circuit.

Copy of the Skreddy Screwdriver, with a Russian MP38A. Covers a lot of ground, very versatile.

Green Russian muff, built on a German TH-Customs board (hence the name... I never claimed to have a good sense of humour.)

FuzzFactory copy, working off Madbean's Zombii schematic. I didn't feel like bothering with a PCB for this one, though. Got the matched pair of germaniums from FuZzIeBrO, I think.

Copy of the Black Arts Pharoah. This is amazing. It can either do harsh gain, or flip the clipping to Ge, and it becomes instant stoner metal heaven.

Skreddy Mayo muff. Think Smashing Pumpkins.

J0k3rX's Dragon Armour, based on the Tight Metal pedal. The 'Gate' is utterly amazing. Every highgain pedal should have an option like that.

This was a limited run board released as a fundraiser for Function F(X). Nice sounding pedal.

TH Customs board for the ROG Professor Tweed.

Rully's modded Tubescreamer -- I forget which TS clone the mods are from, though. The chargepump added a wee bit of noise that I'm not sure I can be arsed with.

Someone on the Madbean forum did a run of Fairfield Barbershop boards, as all SMD. I picked one up for practice.

Grind Custom's Temple of Giants board. Amazing fuzz. The clipping selects either silicon, germanium, or LED (for extra loud clipping.)

Another Klon Centaur, this time on a Grind Customs board. The name is from the centaur from Harry Potter. (Told you I have a bad sense of humour.)