Madbean Current Lover -- EHX Electric Mistress. Went together fairly smoothly, no big hassles. Sounds like it should, with a MN3207 in it.

1776 Effect's Rub-A-Dub Reverb -- very, very simple little circuit using a Beltronics reverb brick. The knob controls the amount of reverb, and that's about all.

Madbean Colosalus. I never did get the chargepump noise out of this silly thing :(

Lovetone ?Flange With No Name. (Yes, that's the name of the original pedal.) This was done with ElectricStorm's build guide, in a 1550G enclosure. Bloody big flanger. But a really, really good sounding one. This is one of the most versatile flangers I've ever seen, and it does weird really well.

Grind Customs Tenebrion Reverb. This is a fairly dark sounding reverb that sounds absolutely fanTAStic.

Moosapotamus PCB for the A/DA Flanger. This is just as good as the Lovetone, but where the Lovetone excels at weird, this excels at deep jet flanging. This was the build where I uncracked the wallet and got an oscilloscope to calibrate it.

DeadAstronaut's Chasm Reverb.

Lectric FX's Flintlock Flanger -- another copy of the A/DA Flanger. This one is 1590BB friendly, but I went with a bit bigger, just to make life easier on myself. It uses SIL8 package opamps to save space, to shrink the PCB that much!

I loaned my ?Flange With No Name to someone, and never got it back, so obviously I had to build another. This one has PCB mount pots and switches, and the lot fits inside a 1790NS enclosure, not a 1550G one. (Barely.)

Solderman FL3 flanger. My one works, and it's meant to fit into a 1590A enclosure, but the precision needed for the drilling scares me too much to actually box this thing.