Madbean Double Flush. This was the second pedal I built, hence the stupidly long wires, and battery snap where there isn't room for a battery to actually FIT.

Passive loop switch. The only thing the power actually does is turn the LED off and on.

Madbean Lowrider -- this is actually quite usable, but you have to keep your playing clean, and use the bridge pickup if you can.

My test rig. I still use this thing to this day for pedal testing. The switch chooses between the circuit under test, and the incorporated audio probe.

Orange Squeezer compressor. Both the first one I built (that second knob turned out to be a waste of time), and the second (kept the trimpot, moved the indicator LED to a light-up potentiometer.)

Mr Futs, also known as Nucking Futs, also known as F***ing Nuts. This is the String Ringer, a DIY project for the Lovetone Ring Stinger, a ring modulator. (Yes, Scott, it has the two transformers and the diode ring.) It's possible, but very hard, to use this musically and melodically. It does nucking futs a lot better.

Madbean Afterlife, based on the Hollis compressor. The pencil lines on the box were originally meant to be wiped out, but I decided to make a feature of them.

Two ROG Condor cab simulators, intended for a stereo effect output.

Lovetone Wobulator, aka Tremopanation. This is a stereo trem that can do all kindsa tricky stuff. And it was the last Lovetone I needed to complete the set!

Fairly simple amp selector box someone commissioned. The pot part is the "Soundman Eliminator", an FX loop attenuator that can be turned off and on.

Cold Dark Sun, a multiFX box I did. Rather embarassing fault on this one -- I swapped tip and sleeve on the output jack. Even more embarassing was how long it took to find this.

Stomptronix Pennyroyal Chorus -- this is the first dedicated chorus I've made. (The flangers can fake it, but it's not what they're intended for.)

And this was the second chorus.