My v1.4 clone of the Lovetone Doppelganger -- some people had ticking issues with this one (I didn't.) Opto phaser.

Madbean Nautilus -- Mutron envelope filter. This one was quite fiddly to get a good sound out of, for me.

Madbean phase45 PCB. Not too many stages to it, but it was fun to put together, and sounds pretty nice :) FET based phaser.

Madbean Stage Fright -- Maestro Stage Phaser. Very nice sounding, too, and the 5/6 stage switch actually has quite a bit of effect on the sound of the phaser.

Madbean PCB for one section (six stages) of the Mutron Biphase -- this is one of the six-phase sections. There seems to be a correlation between more stages, and me liking them more :)

Rissole, my layout for the Lovetone Meatball. This is my favourite envelope filter -- there are more controls to keep track of, and it's very easy to get settings where nothing seems to happen at all, but I still found it far, far easier to get a good envelope-filter sound out of than the Nautilus.

Doppelganger 2.1 layout, updated from the 1.4 above. This one is a lot closer to the original layout, and the separation between control and audio is a *LOT* better. No ticking at all reported from other people, provided they don't do silly things like put an expression jack right on top of the input signal jack. The downside to this cleaner layout is that it doesn't fit into a 1590BB anymore -- it uses a 1790NS.

Heavy Water -- my clone of the Prophecysound Infinitphase. This is the most tweakable phaser.... IN THE WORLD. The top row of knobs is a sequencer -- you can either have that feeding the phaser (ie, dial up your own phase waveform), or an internal LFO instead. It can go between four and eight stages of phasing (with eight, it sounds very liquid, hence the name.) I had to use a lot of separate PCBs since, at the time, my Eagle license only supported 100x80mm boards.

Updated version of the Rissole. I was never very happy with the original layout I did. I wound up sending a few copies of this PCB out to various people.

Copy of the old Maestro PS-1A phaser -- this is the famous phaser used in some of Led Zepp's stuff, like _No Quarter_. I even used the +/-12V voltage rails (it uses 12VAC input power.) There are no knobs. Just Go, Medium, and Fast.

After I got a new Eagle license for 160x100mm PCB area, I went back to the Infinitphase, and did it with a single PCB, not half a dozen. I really like how this one turned out!