Whoo... this one was fun. It started with a schematic from Fonik for the Baby Ten Sequencer (in turn, based on a magazine article, I think... a 4017 sequencer is a pretty common thing.) Again, my pedal background came back to haunt me, in the form of the sodding rotary switch. It was a big, chunky thing that stood head and shoulders above the relatively titchy little potentiometers and switches. (LEDs, the height can be adjusted with the legs, to a degree.) I hadn't yet discovered PCB mount jacks, so that was one problem I didn't have to deal with, at least.

Now, when I did the panel for this in Front Panel Express, I forgot something very important -- to mirror the PCB layout, depending on which side of the PCB was facing which way. And, while it looks kinda symmetrical, this V1.1 pcb really is not.

So, I had to solder up another one, and this time put the rotary switch and pots on the component side of the PCB, if I wanted to use the very expensive panel I'd had made up. The pushbuttons and jacks were all wired... no, I still had not discovered PCB mount jacks. The diodes were on the opposite side to the pots, as I think that at the time, I had some bad habits from using 16mm pots in pedals. I wound up bending a metal tab on every single friggin' pot, to stop it shorting out those stupid diodes. I also forgot to mark the polarity of the power connector -- I later put a bit of masking tape on with some writing to indicate this.

V1.4.1, on the other hand, was a lot cleaner.

I had discovered a magical idea... mounting the jacks directly to the PCB. Look Mum, No Wires! I also found with the old V1.1 design that the pots were just too close together -- adjusting them was a complete cow, especially once the module was racked up. This one was much easier to work with. It also took an embarrassingly long time before I put knobs on it, too... no idea why. Probably money issues. I got rid of the rotary switch entirely, as it was just too tall for the pots, and the threading for the PCB mount jacks would not have even reached the surface of the panel if I'd tried to use them. I settled for a on-off-on toggle for 4, 10, and 8 steps, with the reasoning that there was always the Reset In jack if someone had their heart set on a weird number of steps.

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